Wall Vinyl: Smart Value for Commercial Interiors

Wall vinyl is wall covering product, widely used in commercial design projects including workspaces; and it often surprises me, how few people are familiar with its benefits. This is truly, one of my favourite products because of its; durability, performance and range of available aesthetics. Here are our top 5 reasons why wall vinyl is the smart choice for investment value and sustainability.

#1- More durable than paint: It doesn’t take long for painted walls to show their wear. Durable wall vinyl, on the other hand, typically looks great for 15 years or more!

#2- Easy to clean: Wall vinyl can be wiped down with water and basic cleaners; and many manufacturers offer antimicrobial options for medical facilities and other spaces where germ prevention is a high priority.

#3- Cost options for every budget: While many elaborate patterns are available, if you are looking for that “wow” factor: wall vinyl prices, actually start much lower than you might think. When the maintenance savings are taken into account, this is often even more cost effective than painting.

#4- It is a sustainable choice: Many wall vinyls contain recycled content and manufacturers have begun to offer recycling services for product that has reached the end of its usable life cycle. This along with low VOC options, durability and industry innovation, makes wall vinyl a great choice for workspaces and other commercial interior design projects seeking LEED certification.

#5- Quality aesthetic: The range of aesthetic options for wall vinyl are virtually endless. This, along with the improved durability provides a visual quality and superior design for years to come!

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