Environmental Branding for Businesses

Having a strong brand is a huge asset for businesses. Translating that brand into your space, so that it can be reinforced continuously to with your clients, customers, and team is a game changer. This can be done visually, through use of colour, material and layout, but also should be achieved through careful planning of the way your environment is experienced. Your space is already a reflection of your company- does that experience of being there truly reflect your values, qualities and identity. Does it represent the way that you want your company to be perceived? If not, you need to get your space working for your brand! Whether you operate an office, restaurant, retail store, or factory, we offer a comprehensive review and planning program for implementing a brand experience into your space.

Finishes + Material Selections

Utilizing our training in material performance, we evaluate the suitability of materials in accordance with your budget and usage requirements. We source and select colours and finishes to create a cohesive scheme, reflective of the intended concept.

Space Planning + Custom Design

Whether you are accommodating a growing team or looking to make your patrons more comfortable, professional space planning will ensure that you are getting the most out of every square foot. If a standard piece of furniture is not the best solution for you, than we will design a custom piece, tailored specifically to your needs.

Permit + Construction Drawings

Planning a renovation? You may need permits for the work that you are planning to do and will need drawings to convey the intended improvements for approval by the city. We measure your space, prepare your drawings and are able to submit to the city on your behalf, if required. Construction drawings also make sure that everyone is on the same page, during the renovation  process.

Specification, Budgeting, Project Coordination, + Purchasing

Our goal is to ensure the best possibly quality and aesthetic appeal for your investment. We carefully specify all finishes, furniture, millwork, lighting, and plumbing fixtures to best suit your needs and budget. From there we coordinate with our trusted suppliers from order to installation. Coordination with contractors is also a big part of what we can do for you. Having a designer on site, regularly during the construction process can prevent costly errors and help deal efficiently with the surprises that sometimes come up during renovations.

2D + 3D Rendering

2D and 3D drawings help in visualizing your new space and clarify details of construction for your trades. We incorporate colour, texture and real material images into rendered elevations, floor plans and even 3D models, showing all the important visual elements of your space.