One Year in: Adventures in DIY

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This past weekend marked the one year anniversary of the start of what may be the craziest adventure of my life to date. This time last year, my partner Jeff and I purchased a major “fixer upper,” and began working tirelessly to create a home. Thankfully, we had some help from friends and family along the way, but I have to say that we have both become “handy,” to an extent that I would have never thought possible (no offence Jeff). Still, honestly, this past year has been an adventure and not always in a good way. I would safely say that I consumed more Pizza in the past 12 months that I have in my entire life combined.
Anyone who has undertaken a large renovation, can attest to the challenges that it presents. Being so physically (and mentally) involved in the design and construction process on this particular project, has far exceeded anything I have learned in my professional or academic life. There were a few tears, a few meltdowns, and a quite a few projectile tools, but thankfully everyone survived and although the journey isn’t quite over yet, I am proud to say that we have accomplished something pretty amazing. The house is now our home and really just a few coats of pain and some furniture away from completion*.
As we reflect on our year of nearly 24-7 renovation I would like to share with you, just a few of the before and after shots that help me maintain my sanity in the final phases of this renovation. Enjoy!
* a designer’s home is never really complete. Most of us tend to use our own homes as ever evolving experiments in trends and layouts. I am classifying “complete,” in this case as ready for photos.
This (now) great space was awkwardly arranged with an enclosed shower blocking the view of the window from the door. Now it is bright and feels at least double the size!
The old space was literally falling apart.
Main floor nearing completion! Watch for an upcoming blog post on that floating vanity (spoiler alert: it was free!)