5 ways to Translate YOUR brand into YOUR space!

Have you ever considered how the space occupied by your business can affect the way your customers perceive your brand? Whether you operate a retail store, restaurant, salon, or office, the first memorable impression that your clients have of your business, is quite often your space!

There is much more to be considered than just having your logo on the wall! Environmental branding is a concept that connects principals of architecture, interior design, and graphic design to communicate a company’s brand and identity. Did you know that careful consideration of finishes, furniture, and accessories within your space can potentially increase the profitability of your business? This is achieved through increased brand awareness and loyalty!  We all know that it is important to different our business from our competitors, but often branding our spaces, is overlooked as a tool.

Incorporating your brand into your space can be achieved in many ways. Here are 5 great options that you may want to consider 

#1- Create good flow. Making spaces functional and easy to navigate is also very important to your brand. A disorganized environment that is difficult to navigate is stressful for your customers and creates the impression that your business is not well organized!

Global Total Office Princeton

#2- Furniture: select items in a style that is consistent with the way you would like your business to be perceived (ie. rustic, modern, funky, etc.). Also, be sure to take the time to consider what styles are appealing to your target demographic.

 Zuo Walloon Chair

#3- Finishes: are you trying to appeal to an eco friendly consumer? Practice what you preach by selecting natural materials like reclaimed wood or easily renewable cork. Looking for a bit of glam? Some textured wall vinyl could be the perfect solution!

 Crown Genon

#4- Colour- add hues from your logo to walls, furniture or other accents. Do be careful with this option, sometimes the saying less is more, is true!

Global Total Office Zira

#5- Make it memorable! Consider interaction, as well as sounds and even the smell of the space. Use all of the senses to your advantage!