Durable Concrete adds Beauty in the Kitchen….

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In the search for the perfect countertop for my own home I had many criteria; durable and heat resistant (since I can never find those darn hot plates), inexpensive (Quartz was definitely out of the question), and most importantly, sleek and modern… oh and grey. As it turns out concrete countertops meet all of those criteria AND in our case worked out to be about half the cost of laminate (generally the least expensive option).

Thankfully, we had a family member who has successfully conquered this feat before to assist us. We have built the form so far and will hopefully be pouring the concrete next weekend. I am just a little (sarcasm) excited to have this completed! Here is an image of the kitchen and the form that we have created. Check back (hopefully soon) for completed photos and full instructions to complete this project yourself!

There are some great examples of concrete countertops on Houzz. Check it out:http://www.houzz.com/concrete-countertops