Are stainless appliances on the way out?

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The past few decades of kitchen renovation have shown an undeniable preference for stainless steel appliances. While, I do enjoy the look of stainless in many styles of spaces, I cannot help but notice a shift occuring. Over the past two years I have seen colourful (yes, that avocado green might actually happen AGAIN) appliances popping up with increasing frequency at Interior Design shows and in industry magazines.


What is really interesting is that it is the higher end appliance manufacturer’s such as Viking, AGA, and Bertazonni who are heading this trend. Being that they could easily be considered the Versace, Armani and Balenciaga of appliance design, it is certainly worth noting their apparent aesthetic direction.

So what do we make of this trend and are we now wasting our hard earned dollars on stainless steel? Not exactly, I am confident that stainless steel appliances will remain in favour for many years to come and there is no denying that today’s appliances are rarely designed to outlast a trend in terms of longevity anyway. That being said, if you are looking to invest in good quality, long lasting appliances, looking beyond stainless could be worth a consideration.

Good quality, white appliances are an excellent choice for long term style, depending on the other materials utilized in the room. Here are two examples where white appliances are undoubtedly a better choice than stainless.

Apartment Therapy (left) & Style at Home (right)

So how about those crazy colours? I am a huge fan of AGA. These iconic appliances are rugged, long lasting, and obviously beautiful. I am quite doubtful that any one could every get tired of this lovely work of art in their kitchen.

AGA-appliances (left), (right)

ps. if you aren’t feeling that adventurous, they do come in white as well!