5 Public Area updates that add HUGE value…

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1. Walls: Nothing freshens a space like a fresh coat of paint. If you are looking for a lasting value, opt instead for a wall vinyl. The array of available patterns can add interest and durable material will maintain its appeal for years to come.

Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics, Colani-Visions, www.crownwallpaper.com, Twitter: @crownwallpaper

2. Artwork: Add or replace existing artwork. Installing thoughtfully selected and placed artwork can have an enormous effect on the overall feel of a space.

Chase Center, Houston TX- Lobby Glass Installation Artwork, www.glassproject.com/chase-center/

3. Lighting: Poorly lit spaces are unquestionably dated and dingy. Installing additional fixtures or modifying the lamp type to increase light output can be a great improvement. Switching out existing fixtures with updated designs, which coordinate with the rest of the space is also a no brainer when it comes to updates.

LightArt, LA2 Connected- Shape Cluster, www.lightart.com, Twitter: LightArtSeattle

4. Accessories: Have a designer select new accessories. The correct placement of these accessories within a space creates focal points and adds impact.

Botanico Ltd., Accessory Creations, www.botanico.ca

5. Flooring: Generally, flooring can have a longer aesthetic life than most of the previously mentioned updates. Once it is considered dated, it can significantly affect the overall perception of a space. It is important to consider the flooring very carefully even when updating other elements. For example, a seemingly neutral flooring can suddenly appear horrifically off when placed next to a new colour of furniture, paint or other element.

Wood by Stone Tile International Inc., www.woodbystonetile.com, Twitter: @StoneTileInt

For information on the selection and placement of these elements within your interior space, contact Niche for design! info@nichefordesign.com