4 Public Area updates that add HUGE value…

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1. Walls: Nothing freshens a public space like a fresh coat of paint. However, if you are looking for a lasting value, opt instead for a wall vinyl. The array of available patterns can add interest and durable material will maintain its appeal for years to come. Avoid reoccurring labour costs with durable wall vinyl instead of paint, in high traffic areas!

Crown Wallpaper & Fabrics, Colani-Visions, www.crownwallpaper.com, Twitter: @crownwallpaper

2. Artwork: Add or replace existing artwork. Installing thoughtfully selected and placed artwork can have an enormous effect on the overall feel of a commercial interior.

Chase Center, Houston TX- Lobby Glass Installation Artwork, www.glassproject.com/chase-center/

3. Lighting: Poorly lit public spaces are unquestionably dated and dingy. Installing additional fixtures or modifying the lamp type to increase light output can be a great improvement. Switching out existing fixtures with updated designs, which coordinate with the rest of the space is also a no brainer when it comes to updates.

LightArt, LA2 Connected- Shape Cluster, www.lightart.com, Twitter: LightArtSeattle

4. Flooring: Generally, flooring can have a longer aesthetic life than most of the previously mentioned updates. Once it is considered dated, it can significantly affect the overall perception of a space. It is important to consider the flooring very carefully even when updating other elements. For example, a seemingly neutral flooring can suddenly appear horrifically off when placed next to a new colour of furniture, paint or other element.

Wood by Stone Tile International Inc., www.woodbystonetile.com, Twitter: @StoneTileInt

For information on the selection and placement of these elements within your interior space, contact Niche for design! info@nichefordesign.com