3 Quick Tips to Improve the Ergonomics of Your Workstation

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Ergonomics is a complex scientific discipline, and the study is focused on improving well-being. However, there are many simple improvements that will contribute towards optimizing your office environment. Here are a few easy and effect ticks that you should consider:

#1Make sure your computer screen is at eye level! This is one of the most important ergonomic improvements that you can make in your workstation. If you are working on a laptop, consider purchasing a separate keyboard and mouse. Laptop stands are also a good solution, but even propping up your laptop, as a monitor, on a stack of books is an excellent quick fix!

#2Find a way to stand! Extensive research has suggested that we spend WAY too much time sitting. If you are able to stand, while working, even for a brief part of your day, your body will surely thank you. The ideal solution for this would be to purchase a height adjustable table or a table top attachment, to enable you to work while standing. However, a quick fix, particularly for those laptops, is to work at your kitchen counter. Depending on your height, the proportions of your kitchen countertops are designed for standing. Working in the kitchen, even just occasionally, can be a great way to reduce your sitting time.

#3Aim to keep your knees at 90 degrees, and your feet on the floor! This could mean investing in an ergonomic chair, which is always a good place to start when improving the ergonomics of your home office space. Another easy trick involves, elevating your feet with a footrest, or even a small box or book. This small, but significant change can help with circulation and prevent unnecessary strain on your joints.

Every space, and every individual does have different needs, when it comes to ergonomics. Looking for further assistance with ergonomics or office design? Check out our Services page for a full list of available ‘Home Office Design’ packages, and ask us about our Curated Products, to purchase some of the items mentioned in this post.